ESG is environment, social and governance, has become a new tool to measure corporate value based on traditional financial indicators and further combined with diversified indicators related to corporate sustainable development. ESG has become a global consensus, and ESG work has changed from a multiple-choice to a required question for more. Corporates should do well in ESG work from three aspects: disclosure ESG information, improve ESG Management level and actively engage with the outside world. Among them, information disclosure is the foundation, management is the core, and the work results are better conveyed to external media and rating agencies in an interactive form to build a good interactive relationship.

DNK believes that ESG is a comprehensive performance that systematically considers our environment, social and governance. Doing ESG well can reshape our value. We should start with changing ideas, find opportunities to gain profits and reduce costs, promote ESG work with the help of market-driven forces. The real ESG work is based on a long-term concept, not only based on compliance pressure or brand influence, but also combined with various stakeholders. ESG has been fully recognized by DNK entire management structure. In the near future, we will strive to build and implement a healthy and perfect ESG ecosystem, combine with daily management practices to truly practice the sustainable development strategy.



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